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Known As: Sable Starr, Sable Shields
Romantically Linked To: Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, Richard Hell.
In her early teens she became the leader of the new generation of groupies
that hung on the sunset strip after The GTO's cooled their jets. She became
known by being socialite first by hanging out at all the hip places during that time,
she also became notorious for her affair with Iggy Pop at the age of 13.
Iggy started to date her sister Corel, but that was fine with sable as she had a new
intrest, Johnny Thunders. Sable fell madly in love and said goodbye to her groupie
life of sleeping with rockstars and became sololy devoted to him. The dolls traveled
to New York taking Sable with them, where she and Johnny got a place together.
Sable was very unhappy and tried to commit suicide, but was found by Syk Sylvain
and got to the hospital in time. She went home but started to date johnny again
but eventually left him in 1974. She started a normal life and went back to school.
She now lives in Las Vegas and works at Herrods Casino as a Black Jack dealer.