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Also known as: Lori Lightning, Lori Mattix
Romantically linked to: Jimmy Page, David Bowie, Angie Bowie
Lori Maddox became part of the groupie scene at 13. She reportedly lost her virginity that
same year (age 13) to David and Angie Bowie
She was best friends with Sable Starr, who was the it girl of the scene at that time, so Lori
had an in at almost everyplace on the sunset strip.
When Lori was 14 years old, she met Jimmy Page. Jimmy first noticed her when
an friend of his showed him a picture of her. Likeing what he saw, you tryed to get together
with her when Zeppelin stopped in LA on there 1972 tour while he was dating Pamela
Des Barres (known then as Pamela Miller) Jimmy still pursued Lori
relentlessly. Lori said she was a virgin at the time, and was afraid of him. She went
back latter stating that she infact was not a virgin, which is most likely true.
Jimmy continued to fail at getting with lori and had zeppelins manager take her
to his room at the hyatt house. Where he was waiting.
After that night they started a relationship, but it had to be kept a secret because
she was underage, and seeing Miss Pamela. But that ended one night when he
ditched Pamela at a party for Lori, making Pamela and Lori enemies.
They dated for a year and a half before Jimmy basically left her and started
seeing other woman such as Bebe Buell (see her page on this site.) Lori became
obsessive and tried to get back together frequently with Jimmy. They very
briefly got back together in the early 80's, but nothing more.
For the most part Lori has stayed out of the groupie scene since she left
but occasionaly she will give interviews on her days with Jimmy.