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Flying Garter Girls:
Back when music mattered, around 1972, a diverse coterie of Portland gal pals formed an elite club whose mission was to meet the legendary pioneers of classic rock and roll. Because they flew all over the country in the company of rock stars, they became known as the Flying Garter Girls. Other cities had similar loosely knit bands of women, but these gals were the stuff of legend. They loved music--and the men who made it--but they loved fashion, too. They dressed to look decked-out rather than skanked-out, and their style got these pretty, young things invited backstage at all the big shows, at venues like the Memorial Coliseum and the Paramount, to see the likes of Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Queen.
They lived through that time, but the funny thing is, they've never told their story.<BR>
Marvelous Meg, Sexy Sandy, The Real Camille, Caroline Can-Can and Pennie Lane.

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